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    Tutor (Tharrunya) Information

    Tutor Details
    Tutor ID 24226
    Tutor Name Tharrunya
    20 year old Indian lady   20 year old indian lady
    Cover Area Online Teaching - Anywhere
    Qualification Canadian Matriculation (CIMP) - major in English
    Experience 1 years
    Current Occupation University / College Student
    Available Time Afternoon, Evening, Night
    Subjects Offered
    Bahasa Malaysia

    Secondary LowerEnglish
    Bahasa Malaysia

    Secondary UpperEnglish
    Bahasa Malaysia

    Description Of Tuition Service
      I have done online English teaching with my tutors Malaysia for a year . I teach preferably for kindergarten and primary school students. I focus on 2 techniques in my class which is the Flipped Classroom technique which basically encourages students to prepare for the lesson before class and students will do most of the talking . Thus, the class becomes a dynamic environment in which students elaborate on the topic given . This allows the students to go beyond their normal boundaries and explore more knowledge. Next, I use the Design Thinking technique which is based on resolving real-life problems through group analysis , brainstorming , literature analysis , innovation and creative ideas . I also will conduct weekly quizzes to analyse student's performance and understanding . Consultation with parents also will be conducted frequently for student's improvements.
    Please contact me via or whatsapp. 763
    If you (parents / students) would like this tutor (Tharrunya) to contact you, you may submit the tutor query form or call our consultant Mr Lai at 018-3822330. This service only available for parents and students.
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