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    Home Tuition Class

    Home Tuition Class is a tuition class conduct by a tutor/teacher in his/her house, with a scheduled time and small group of students. Normally home tuition class is cheaper compare to 1 to 1 home tuition at the student's house.
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    Class ID 2253
    Last update on 2023-08-23
    Location Klang
    Subjects Standard 6 - UASA Mathematics
    Form 1 to Form 3 - Mathematics
    Year 6 to Year 11 - Mathematics
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Everyday weekdays 9 to 10.30 am (depends on availability)
    5 to 6.30 pm
    Tuition Fee RM 50 per subject.
    Max. no of Students5 students
    RemarkI give lessons on the topics and then drill question based on their exam papers. I have 15 years of experience in teaching Mathematics, 80 % passing rate.
    TutorShamini Sandrakasan  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2252
    Last update on 2023-07-06
    Location Klang
    Subjects UEC Science
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Tuesday 3:30pm-5pm
    Thursday 4pm-5:30pm
    weekend anytime
    Tuition Fee 60/hr/pax
    Max. no of Students10 students
    Remarkthis tuition will be focus on the weakness of the students. And teaching method will be adjusted depends on the students condition.
    TutorShihui  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2251
    Last update on 2021-09-02
    Location Meru, Klang
    Subjects Pre-school: All subjects and reading, writing and speaking class
    Primary: Bahasa Melayu, English, Science
    Secondary: English, Bahasa Melayu, Science, Commerce(Perdagangan), History, Pendidikan Agama Islam and Tasawwur Islam
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Depends on current schedules and parents' preferred time.
    Tuition Fee RM25 to RM30/hour/subject
    Max. no of Students5 students
    TutorNurul Ayuni Binti Badrol Hisham  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2250
    Last update on 2021-08-17
    Location Kuchai Lama, Happy Garden
    Subjects Preschool - bm bi bc maths
    Std 1-6- bm bi bc maths science
    F1-5- bm bi maths science accounts
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Classes depend on how many subjects you take.
    Mon - fri 3-6pm, 8-10pm
    Weekends sat & sun 8-10am, 3-6pm, 8-10pm
    Tuition Fee Rm25-30/ hr
    Max. no of Students3 students
    RemarkTeaching materials will be provided
    TutorKathleen Chin  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2249
    Last update on 2021-05-09
    Location Jalan Makmur, Taman Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor,
    Subjects IGCSE Mathematics and IGCSE Biology
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time The class will be held in my place in Urban 360. At evening or at night
    Tuition Fee RM 30 per hour for each student
    Max. no of Students8 students
    RemarkI offer group tuition at my house which is a safe place and the environment is very nice. The students will not have any problem to study in the class environment and the services provided my me is very good
    TutorTahani  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2248
    Last update on 2021-03-16
    Location Ampang
    Subjects English, Mathematics and Bm for pre school and primary.
    English and Mathematics for secondary
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time Monday to Friday (8pm-10pm)

    Saturday and Sunday (8am - 3pm)
    Tuition Fee Pre school (RM20/hr)
    Primary (std 1- std 3 ) - RM25/hour
    Primary (std 4 - std 6) - RM30/hour
    Secondary (form 1- form 3) - RM35/hour
    Secondary(form 4-form5) - RM40/hour

    Max. no of Students2 students
    RemarkI have experienced home tutoring for almost 10 years. I coach and guide students with passion. I work towards my objectives. I have received good comments from parents and my students. I am known as friendly and dedicated tutor. SOP is followed.
    TutorShiirosha Sathiya  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2247
    Last update on 2021-03-15
    Location Bangsar South
    Subjects Primary: English, Math, Science
    Secondary: English, Math, Science
    Duration1.00 hour
    Class Time Flexible timing
    Tuition Fee Primary: RM20-25/hr
    Secondary: RM30-40/hr
    MUET: RM45/hr
    Max. no of Students5 students
    RemarkAll materials provided, Tuition, Homework coaching, Practice exams, Review past exam papers/Review homework
    TutorLynzi Chua Jia Ching  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2246
    Last update on 2021-02-01
    Location Kluang
    Subjects Standard 1-6 , Form 1-3
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Saturday - 10am- 11.30am
    Tuition Fee Standard 1-3 - RM30 per hour
    Standard 4-5- RM35 per hour
    Standard 6- RM40 per hour
    Form 1-2- RM45 per hour
    Form 3- RM 50 per hour
    Max. no of Students3 students
    RemarkThe class will be conducted in group of 3 students of same grade at Tutor's house at Kluang. The class is adhered to strict SOP and per session only 3 students is allowed.
    TutorJessuta Jothivel  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2245
    Last update on 2021-01-05
    Location Sek 7 Shah Alam
    Subjects SPM and IGCSE
    Maths and add maths
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time Weekdays after 5pm
    Weekend any time.
    Time and can be discussed
    Tuition Fee Depends on the subject and level
    Max. no of Students3 students
    RemarkTuition class will be very effective. Compact notes and technique to answer exam questions will be provided.
    TutorJayanthya/p Moorthy  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2244
    Last update on 2020-10-21
    Location Teluk Air Tawar
    Subjects Standard 4-6 BM & BI
    Form 1 -3 BM & BI
    Duration1.00 hour
    Class Time Wednesday-Friday 8pm-9pm
    Tuition Fee RM40 per hour- Primary
    RM50 per hour-Secondary
    Max. no of Students2 students
    Remarkmaterials will be provided during the class, prefer 1 to 1 basis. Maximum 2 student per session.
    TutorAnusia Devi  click to see this tutor profile
      (1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 
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