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    Tutor (Siti Zubaidah Bt Abd Kahar) Information

    Tutor Details
    Tutor ID 25384
    Tutor Name Siti Zubaidah Bt Abd Kahar
    Chinese lady   chinese lady
    Cover Area Setia Alam
    Qualification Bac of physics
    Experience 8 years
    Current Occupation Full Time Tutor
    Available Time Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
    Subjects Offered
    Secondary LowerMathematic

    Secondary UpperPhysic
    Additional Math

    Description Of Tuition Service
      Hi, i am Cikgu Szu. A tutor who focusing on the technique of answering exam questions in the latest format to help students help themselves. I have been tutoring free class occasionally due to the passion and provide support out-of-class session. I have tutored students that sat for PT3, SPM and for 7+ years .I can teach (all levels) for Maths, (Maths,Add Maths, Chem, Phy) for SPM syllabus . I am one of the straights A students (6A+,5A) in .
    Teknik Pengajaran
    Focusing on the technique of answering exam questions in the latest format.
    Questions and teaching techniques are adapted according to individual needs.
    Notes and teaching materials of various sources.
    Ensure students understand each teaching topic.
    Interactive quizzes and questions from time to time.
    Exercises and discussion questions during class.
    Detailed description of each question approach.

    I will help students with:

    ✅ Mind mapping

    ✅ Simple notes that easy for understanding

    ✅ More exercise questions

    ✅ Past Year Question exercises
    If you (parents / students) would like this tutor (Siti Zubaidah Bt Abd Kahar) to contact you, you may submit the tutor query form or call our consultant Mr Lai at 018-3822330. This service only available for parents and students.
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