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    Web Based RSS

    • Aggregato - A web-based RSS feed aggregator organized with tags.
    • Aggrogator - Web based method to parse RSS feeds and act as a blog-based newsreader.
    • Bean Rocket - RSS/Atom that categorizes items by tags.
    • Bloglines - A web-based personal news aggregator that can be used in place of a desktop client.
    • - A free web-based RSS aggregator. [requires Internet Explorer]
    • The Daily Read - RSS Reader with nearly 500 predefined RSS feeds in 23 categories.
    • Daily Rotation - A web-based RSS reader which provides headlines from 300+ tech sites.
    • DogWalker - An extension to Adam Simpson's RawDog (web based aggregator python script). DogWalker is a script that periodically runs RawDog on webmaster's home PC and ftps the result to the site.
    • Fastbuzz Headline News - A web based RSS aggregator that provides delivery either on the web or via email.
    • Fatcast - A simple web-based news reader
    • FeedOnSite - Tool that helps websites to publish headlines from RSS feeds as normal HTML on their website.
    • Feedroll - Web-based reader generates a JavaScript code for syndicating feeds on any Web page.
    • Feedshark - Search, create and read RSS feeds anywhere on the Internet.
    • Findory - Personalized news and weblog reader. It learns from the reading patterns and discovers similar RSS feeds.
    • Free RSS Feed Reader - RSS reader designed to be used via a third party website.
    • Genecast News Service - A server based RSS news and weblog aggregator converting them to Usenet News.
    • Google Reader - Free feed reader stores manual or imported reading lists.
    • Gregarius - RSS/RDF/Atom feed aggregator, designed to run on a web server, allowing access to feeds from a web browser.
    • HyperDig - Free web based aggregator allows you to create custom collections of feeds and make them available to the public. Supports RSS and Atom.
    • Hyperlinkage - RSS reader with directory and search facilities.
    • JavaScript RSS Reader - Downloadable script for reading RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds.
    • Journster - Details on this online RSS/ATOM aggregator.
    • KickRSS - A service that takes multiple RSS or Atom feeds, combines them, and displays them as a single RSS feed or a webpage at an easy to remember URL.
    • Lightstreamer Push RSS Reader - An HTML RSS Reader, based on Lightstreamer technology, that does not require to download applets or application. It streams new headlines to the browser without refreshing the page.
    • LiteFeeds - Web-based RSS reader and also a custom mobile RSS reader for any Java Phone/SmartPhone, Blackberry, Palm or PocketPC which synchronizes with online subscriptions.
    • Lost Designer - An Ajax based RSS reader. With a focus to provide resources for people interested in Web design.
    • MediaTuner - A flash based RSS Aggregator. With the ability to view video feed, listen to Podcasts and view images.
    • MetaRSS - Online reader with a directory and tools for creating feeds.
    • My Yahoo - My Yahoo is a customizable web page with news, stock quotes, weather, and many other features.
    • Nearest Neighbor News Network - A free, online news aggregator that uses collaborative filtering techniques to recommend articles.
    • Netvibes - Personal news aggregator with RSS and Atom support. Comes with a set of predefined news feeds.
    • News is Free - Directory of feeds also allows for personalized news pages.
    • News Scrollers - Service that scrolls data from any RSS feed on a webpage.
    • NewsApp by - Free, customizable, web-based aggregator.
    • NewsBox - Offers access to multiple news sources in German and English.
    • NewsFeed - Compiles several news sources (RSS) into one easy-to-read web site.
    • Newsmonkey - Flash based RSS aggregator.
    • - Free aggregator service with the ability to share feeds with others.
    • RSS Digest - A free service that allows any RSS feed to be placed on any Web page without software installation using PHP, IFRAME, or JavaScript includes.
    • RSS Freaks - A free news aggregator service, allows the addition and management of news feeds. Major syndication types are supported including RSS, Atom, CDF and Hot RSS.
    • RSS News Reader - This web-based RSS reader allows you to read news using a browser. It supports RSS 0.91, 0.92 and 1.0.
    • RSSinclude - Tool integrates any RSS feed into a website using a small piece of HTML.
    • RufuSS - An online aggregator that tracks what you have already read and is accessible anywhere.
    • - View, alert, create, publish and host RSS feeds and blogs with ease.
    • StepNewz - Aggregator with a directory of categorized feeds. Includes the ability to send news feeds to other people.
    • SYFACiL virtual desktop - RSS reader along with file manager, bookmark manager, web content catcher. Can be access by web or SMS.
    • Urchin RSS Aggregator - Perl, web based, customisable, RSS aggregator and filter that consumes RSS, Atom and screen-scraped HTML and produces RSS or XSLT-transformed output.
    • Waggr - Free web-based news aggregator. Mimics the look and feel of a desktop aggregator. Supports all major versions of RSS and Atom.
    • Web Nymph - Free online aggregator listing headlines from sites in numerous categories; blogs, news, politics, music, and more.
    • Web RSS Reader - Free web-based RSS reader with multiple skins.
    • wURLdBook Research - A web-based personal news aggregator that can be used in place of a desktop client and information aggregator.
    • X Hollywood News Feed - Entertainment related news directory and aggregator.

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