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    Tuition Tuition means instruction, teaching or a fee charged for educational instruction especially at a formal institution of learning.
    Tuition is charged by educational institutions to assist with funding of staff and faculty, course offerings, lab equipment, computer systems, libraries, facility upkeeping, and to provide a comfortable learning experience for its students.
    Tutor A tutor is a private instructor who teaches a specific educational subject or skill to an individual student. Such one-on-one attention allows the tutor to improve the student's knowledge or skills far more rapidly than in a classroom setting. Tutors are often privately hired and paid by the student or the student's family. Many are used for remedial students or others needing special attention; many provide more advanced material for exceptionally capable and highly motivated students. Tutelage is the process of being under the guidance of a tutor.
    Tutee One who is being tutored.
    Tutorial 1. Lesson from book: a chapter of a book or manual, or a section of a computer program, designed to provide instruction or training using exercises and assignments.
    2. Lesson with tutor: a teaching session spent individually or in a small group under the direction of a tutor.
    Class 1. A group of students who are taught together at school, college or university.
    2. A period of time in which students are taught something.
    Class Tutoring class for conducting , teaching , experiments to strike results.
    Course A set of classes or a plan of study on a particular subject, usually resulting in an exam or qualification.
    Tuition Teachers Persons who conduct/teach tuition. Giving a general knowledge or related educational knowledge to the students. Also known as Tiutors, Tuitors.
    Home Tutor Tutors who provide home tuition as opposed to those who teach at tuition centres. Also: Private Tutors, Personal Tutors, Individual Tutors, One-to-one Tutors, 1-to-1 Tutors, Group Tutors, Small Group Tutors, Private Teachers, Personal Teachers, Individual Teachers, One-to-one Teachers, 1-to-1 Teachers, Group Teachers, Small Group Teachers, Private Tuition Teachers, Personal Tuition Teachers, Individual Tuition Teachers, One-to-one Tuition Teachers, 1-to-1 Tuition Teachers, Group Tuition Teachers, Small Group Tuition Teachers.
    Bahasa Melayu: Pengajar Di Rumah, Pengajar Swasta, Pengajar Peribadi, Pengajar Persendirian, Pengajar Perseorangan, Guru Di Rumah,Guru Swasta, Guru Peribadi, Guru Persendirian, Guru Perseorangan, Cikgu Di Rumah, Cikgu Swasta, Cikgu Peribadi, Cikgu Persendirian, Cikgu Perseorangan.
    Tuition Center Private institution that conduct tuition on classroom-like settings. Also: Tuition Centres, Tutorial Centers, Tutorial Centres, Tuition Classes, Tutorial Classes, Tutoring Classes.
    Bahasa Melayu: Pusat Tuisyen, Pusat Bimbingan, Pusat Tutorial, Kelas Tuisyen
    Home Tuition Jobs Home tuition vacancies; Posts to be filled by home tutors. Also: Private Tuition Jobs, Home Tutoring Jobs, Private Tutoring Jobs, Home Tuition Assignments, Private Tuition Assignments, Home Tutoring Assignments, Private Tutoring Assignments, Private Tuition Vacancies, Home Tutoring Vacancies, Private Tutoring Vacancies.
    Bahasa Melayu: Jawatan Kosong Tuisyen, Pekerjaan Tuisyen, Kerja Tuisyen, Tugasan Tuisyen
    Home Tutees Home tuition students; Pupils receiving home tuition from home tutors.
    Bahasa Melayu: Pelajar Tuisyen, Murid Tuisyen, Penuntut Tuisyen
    Bahasa Melayu
    Latihan bentuk set yang dikeluarkan untuk tujuan melatih perkembangan mental pelajar
    Cikgu pengajar , orang yang mengajar
    Guru orang yang mengajar, cikgu, pengaji bahasa, pengaji am
    Pengaji orang yang bertukus-lumus mengaji dalam sesuatu bahasa
    Sekolah tempat pengajian, tempat belajar
    Kindergarten tempat pengajian kanak-kanak, perkembangan kanak-kanak
    Perkembangan pertumbuhan dari segi fizikal dan mental
    Mental dari segi pemikiran ; mentally(b.i)
    Fizikal dari segi tubuh badan
    Tuisyen Berkumpulan tuisyen dalam kumpulan ; Group tuition (bi)
    Tuisyen Kumpulan Kecil tuisyen dalam kumpulan
    Tuisyen Kelas Kecil berkumpulan sikit, kecil
    Guru Sekolah orang yang memberi pengetahuan am kepada para pelajar ; teacher(bi)
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